Welcome to Effortless Beauty

Welcome to Effortless Beauty

Welcome to Effortless BeautyWelcome to Effortless BeautyWelcome to Effortless Beauty

About Us

You will soon discover that we do things a little differently.

The first thing you'll notice is  Effortless Beauty is not a day spa; there's no fountain with running water going in the corner, no pot of tea being kept warm on a stand with a candle, and no random music with chirping bird sounds coming out of the speakers. The second thing you'll notice is Effortless Beauty is not a standard beauty salon; there's no glistening chandalier hanging over the recption desk, no waiting area of chairs, and no wall of retail products that you're pushed into buying.

What you will notice when you visit Effortless Beauty is a calm and clean salon where you will be greeted by Marilynne with a smile. You will notice there is no waiting time as there is a scheduled gap between clients to ensure your privacy. You will notice that you can park right at the front door. You will notice that visiting Effortless Beauty is a calming and uplifting experience. 

Relax at Effortless Beauty


When you visit the salon, Marilynne will do all she can to make you feel comfortable. She wants you to feel welcomed and encouraged. At all times, Marilynne will do the best job she can with the treatments she does on you because to her you are not a number, you are a person who needs some care and attention.

Meet Marilynne


Marilynne is your beauty therapist and salon owner. She is a qualified beauty therapist and holds a bachelors Degree in Public Health and a Certificate IV in Workplace and Business Coaching. Marilynne is also currently studying a Graduate Diploma in Health and Social Wellbeing and a Diploma in Workplace and Business Coaching.

Business Practices

Free from Animal Cruelty

Cruelty Free

One practice is that all the products used in the salon from skin care to nail care to the cleaning products, are all free from animal cruelty. Marilynne doesn't understand why animals should suffer for the sake of our beauty routines and therefore will always ensure cruelty free products are used. 

Supporting Australia Made

Supporting Australian Made

Another important practice is to support Australian made where possible. The only time an overseas product is used is when an Australian equivalent is not available, such as the nail enhancement Shellac.